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It's all about the Community

Last year I participated in Operation Broken Wing for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect except that it was a workout for charity. When I walked in I was first blown away by the impressive venue and the magnitude of the event. But what had the largest effect on me was the fact that a single event could bring together so many athletes from such diverse backgrounds, ages, and abilities. Young, old, men, and women were all working out next to each other. The crowd was electrifying and supportive which added to the excitement of the event. The thing I found the most impressive was the community it forged uniting dozens of different Crossfit boxes from around Singapore for a single cause. Because of this I believe that Crossfit is so much more than just personal fitness; it is about teamwork, support, empowerment, confidence, friendship, and community. I am excited to participate in this year's OBW and be a part of such an amazing event. Let's #FightForHope!

- Brittney Iverson, 29 years old, Innervate CrossFit, Singapore

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