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One Purpose, Many Participants, One Cause

30th September 2023
Urban Park, Guoco Tower

BE A PART OF OBW2023! As participants there are many ways you can use your fitness for a cause. For the first time, OBW2023 is split into 2 standalone segments, the Fight For Hope and the OBW Lift Off. 

If you're all about lifting, test your limits in the OBW lift off. Lift weights and lift lives by achieving your 1 Rep Max clean with a buddy! if you're lucky, get some tips by our national lifters too!

If you're all about work capacity, hit our trademark workout, "Fight For Hope", which simulates what a real fight feels like. Do it solo or with a buddy!

If you're all about balance and being good at everything. Then go ahead and do BOTH!

THE BIGGEST HEART COUNTS. This fundraising event is slightly different because the majority of the funds are raised by none other than YOU, the participants themselves! Prior to the workouts, you've got to do your homework and we don't mean just training harder. Find your sponsors for the workout and lifts, it could be a $0.10 or $10 per rep done or KG lifted. Every one counts.



You can choose to join both events in registration pages.



A time-based, 18 minute workout with different categories available for accessibility (Prescribed, Scaled & Foundation).

3 Rounds

1 Min Max Push Press

1 Min Max Kettle Bell Swing

1 Min Max Burpees

1 Min Max Goblet Squats

1 Min Max Box Jumps

1 Min REST

*Movement sequence might be adjusted and starting stations differ for each participant. 

Fight your hardest because each repetition performed is translated into monetary donations.



Set in teams of 2 of the same gender, participants from the main event or those keen can choose to form teams to take part in the Lift Off.

The Goal for each team is to take turns lifting, to find and achieve your heaviest 'Clean’ within 15 minutes.


The total score would be the sum total of the heaviest successful weight lifted for each team member.


Funds are then raised by donations from a corporate sponsor or personal sponsors in a similar fashion

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