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2010: Coach Kevin Lim at CrossFit Singapore found Operation Broken Wing. In 2010 and 2011 alone, OBW raised a total of $20,000 for Chan Su Lan Methodist Home.

2014: OBW reboots after a two-year hiatus. Innervate CrossFit conducted its first edition of Fight For Hope, raising $27,000 for REACH Community Services Society.


"All the fitness in the world amounts to nothing

if we cannot extend a helping hand."

- Coach Kevin Lim, CrossFit Singapore

2015: OBW goes national and saw its largest growth yet with more than 180 athletes and 700 individual sponsors  to raise $198,000 for REACH Community Services Society.

2016: OBW goes regional with seven countries conducting OBW in their own satellite cities. It raised a total of $170,000 for REACH Community Services Society in Singapore and close to $250,000 for beneficiaries across all cities.

2017 - 2019: OBW grew in mass and impact as its outreach spread through programs in collaboration with schools and charitable organisations. It is also developed into an inclusive, accessible event, opening doors to the elderly, children, peripheral youth and disabled individuals to participate.


2020: For the first time ever, OBW will last two days, where Fight For Hope will be joined by Yoga For Hope to include the yogi community, further expanding the reach of the event while deepening its impact on society. In 2020, covid hit us and we had to postpone OBW for the first time. We moved it back to September where we made a commitment to execute the event when measures eased. When circuit breaker was done, we got to work and organised the first major fitness event after reopening. 

2023: After a 3 year hiatus and now that Covid19 is no longer a threat. We are back in action. Organising OBW2023 with renewed passion and heart. For the first time, OBW will be split into 2 main segments, the fight for hope and the OBW lift off, held in partnership with Singapore Weightlifting Federation. 

Our History



Operation Broken Wing (OBW) is a regional charity fitness event with the purpose to bring the fitness community together to raise funds for marginalised youth. Each year, the fitness community in Asia Pacific will carry out their own version of OBW through different ways and means to make a difference.

OBW Singapore 2023 has two main events: Fight For Hope and the OBW Lift off. Athletes can choose to participate in either event, or both.



1. Participants are required to complete the highest number of reps or movements within the given time frame for fight for hope, for the Lift Off, they're to find their heaviest 'Clean' that they can muster. Their efforts are supported by Sponsors who will donate the total number of funds raised at the end of the day.

2. Sponsors each participant agree on a fixed donation for each successful rep prior to the event. Sponsors can be friends, family, or even your neighbour next door. NOTE: Sponsors for teams will be covering for the combined score of both athletes.

Total amt. raised by athlete/team


Total no. of successful reps x Amt. sponsored per rep

3. Lump sum donations can also be made as an individual or organisation. You can do so for OBWSG 2023 here.



OBW aims to lift the lives of marginalised youths around the world by empowering them through fitness. There are beneficiaries across all cities that provide help for marginalised youth. If you are performing OBW in your own backyard, we encourage you to Fight For Hope and pick a beneficiary to raise funds for in your own city. 

More information on our beneficiaries can be found under our Beneficiaries tab.




A youth is considered "at risk" if they are the following: 

  • School dropouts / received inadequate education

  • Have reduced or severed family and/or social ties

  • Victims of social stigma

The Movement
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